Children’s wellbeing, safety and relationships: A one day conference

On 24th May 2018, the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection will host an exciting and thought provoking one day conference around the themes of children’s wellbeing, safety and relationships. We’ve had a huge amount of interest so far but for those who don’t know a great deal about it and who are interested in finding out a little more, you can find the information below, links to the conference programme and of course details on how you can attend.

Firstly, what exactly is the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection?

The Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection and its affiliated research group is committed to the delivery of excellent academic research with children, young people and families. We work to build an integrated and systemic understanding of children and young people’s lives, exploring in particular how best to support their wellbeing, and to protect them from factors that might be harmful. Our interests include mental health, resilience, and child protection, as well as children and young people’s rights, relationships, play, learning and education, their communities, and the broader social environment in which they are located. We are particularly concerned with the impact of inequalities, and with questions of social justice. We work together with children and young people, families and communities, as well as with organisations to build knowledge that can be applied and used in practice settings, like health, social care, third sector organisations, criminal justice and family courts, and education.

Who should come to the Conference?

We look forward to welcoming colleagues from government, local authority, academia and third sector, who share our interests in supporting and enhancing the wellbeing of children and young people, and who would like to hear more about our work.

What will the Conference focus on?

Through a series of presentations and workshops facilitated by staff affiliated to the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection, this exciting one day interdisciplinary conference will explore a range of topics relating to children’s wellbeing, safety and relationships.

We will present a snapshot of some of the work going on in the research group and centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection. This work includes:

  • the pathways to a permanent substitute home taken by accommodated young children in Scotland;
  • children’s experiences of domestic violence, and interventions to support them;
  • issues around contact in families where domestic violence has occurred;
  • decision making in the child hearing system;
  • eco-social work specifically around working with communities prone to natural disasters and using eco-therapy to support mental health;
  • child protection policy and practice;
  • children and young people’s rights and family support;
  • childhood, personal life, families, intimate relationships and belonging, focused on everyday practices and material, sensory and spatial environments;
  • professional judgement and decision-making in child protection and safeguarding

Interested in finding out more?

Great! You can download the conference programme here.

You can also visit the registration page to reserve your free place.

More information about the Centre and the Centre team can be found here. You can also follow the Centre on Twitter at @StirCCWP and/or subscribe to their mailing list.